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Meet and greet
As part of our services we provide a free meet and greet prior to any booking. This will give you peace of mind and we can discuss any specific needs for your dog. This is a no obligation meeting it is simply an opportunity for you to ask questions and provide information about your dog.

Dog walking
Fetch policy is to limit dog walking groups to a maximum of 5 at any given time. I believe this is a perfect amount of dogs in order to provide the care and attention required. The walks will last 1 hour and this does not include pick up or drop off. We also offer individual walks lasting either 30 minutes or an hour for those clients who enjoy walking on their own. Our facebook page will be updated regularly with pictures of your dog enjoying their day out. Pictures can be sent personally via text on request.

What you can expect from Fetch dog walking:

  • A variety of group walks at the beach or woodland areas.
  • Individual walks round local routes or a route that suits your dogs needs
  • We scoop the poop
  • Always carry around first aid kit on the walks
  • Replenish water and food if required
  • Come home to a clean dog, I will towel dry your dog and use dog wipes (if permitted) to ensure that extra level of cleanliness in order to keep your house clean.
  • Available for contact during each dog walk
  • Pictures on the Facebook page/Personal texts on request